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Legislative Updates

The IFHS works with several organizations to assist us in keeping an eye on legislative updates that could impact our homeschooling freedoms. Our thanks to HSLDA, American Family Association of Indiana, and Advance America.

We believe each homeschooling family has a responsibility to respond to their legislators, in their own words, about alerts or updates that they believe are important. We will strive to send out alerts to those on our email list when there is a concern regarding your homeschooling freedom that you may want to act upon. We will also post notices here on this webpage.

• Phone calls and personal emails expressing your concerns about bills do have an impact on legislators at the state and federal level. Involve your children in the process by explaining to them what you are doing and why. When you contact the legislator’s office, you don’t have to identify yourself as a homeschooler if you don’t choose too. Since homeschoolers in Indiana are considered private schools, you can identify yourself as a private school parent.

• The phone call will be answered by a staff person. They may ask for your address to verify you are in their district. Let them know the bill you are calling about and express how you would like your legislator to vote and why. Ask the person taking the call to have the legislator follow up with you by letter regarding how he voted on the bill.

• When you receive the response from your senator or representative, share it with your family. Children should see their parents taking an active part in the government process so they see it as a normal activity for a citizen to engage in and they too will be vigilant about maintaining our freedoms.

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