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About Homeschooled Students…

“As a faculty member in the French program (as well as an occasional member of the Honors and Humanities programs), I have had the pleasure over the past four years of working with many talented home schooled students in my courses. In general, I have found home schooled students to be exceptionally talented, self-motivated and decidedly more serious about their education than the average student. In general, I have found them to be more dedicated readers, better writers and more focused in class discussions than their peers. I do seem to be seeing a pattern in my courses, as do my colleagues. Home schooled students are, I am beginning to think, better prepared for the discipline and intellectual rigor needed for success in the academic world.” 
    - Patrick Kiley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of French, Marian College

“After the freshman year, semester grade point averages for home schooled students enrolled at Ball State University have tended to be nearly one letter grade above the averages for students enrolled from other high schools.” 
    - Brandon Lagana ,Ed.D.  former Asst. Dir of Admissions, Ball State University

“IUPUI has a ten year track record of significant academic success of home school students who have completed the required high school courses and then attend our campus." 
    - Mike Donahue, PhD, Director of Admissions, IUPUI

“Currently, over 60% of our SPAN (Special Programs for Academic Nurturing) student population is comprised of home-schooled students. Home-educated students have performed exceeding well through SPAN and are by far our top academic achievers. Most have earned straight “A” status. Many who have continued their education fulltime at IUPUI have received top academic excellence awards and recognition.” 
    - Dr. J.R. Russell, IUPUI SPAN Division Director 


About our Organization…

“The IFHS is on the cutting-edge of educational change in Indiana. Thanks to the IFHS, many parents who might otherwise not be able to choose home education for their children, are now able to partake in the fastest growing alternative to the distressed government school system. I commend the IFHS for their outstanding work in providing information to Hoosier families who simply want to learn more about home education as well as assisting those who want to choose this time-tested educational option. Keep up the great work. You are making a critical difference in Indiana’s future, one child at a time.” 
    - Micah Clark, Executive Director, American Family Association of Indiana

“I can't believe all the resources that are available and all the people that are homeschooling, it seems like it is the best kept secret until you take an interest and then WOW...”
    - Misty in Plainfield

About our Scholarships...

"This scholarship has definitely helped with the numerous costs of going to college! I am very excited about this new chapter in my life as I attend college. Thank you for supporting my volunteering. It is an encouragement to be recognized for my work!" 
    - Alison Bouse, winner of the IFHS 2005 Vivian Byar Community Service Scholarship

About our Website…

"I am very impressed with the IFHS website. It is user friendly, organized, and informative." 
    - Sandra Wampler, Director of Home School Relations, Marian College

“Great website! Thanks for all the information.” -
    - Christine in Rensselaer, IN

“I happened upon the IFHS site while doing a Google search and was quite impressed to see a page dedicated to minority homeschooling interests. I thank IFHS for recognizing the need to include minority homeschooling information on your website.” 
    - Jennifer James, Director, National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance

About the Map Your Future event…

“Yes, we CAN do this!”  These were the words our family chanted in enthusiasm after leaving the main session of MAP Your Future 2005.  We had just listened to national speaker Ben Kaplan promise a full audience of apprehensive homeschool families that we, too, could afford to send our children to college!
    -Sue Ketchum, parent, Columbus, IN

"Indiana State University welcomes the opportunity to work with IFHS in this highly productive and well organized event. These students are some of the best Indiana has to offer." 
    - Dexter D. Jordan, Associate Director of Admissions, Indiana State University

“Last year’s program allowed us to meet students and their parents and to exchange ideas and information with them. It was an invaluable opportunity to meet, face-to-face, the people that the Indiana University Independent Study Program and High School Diploma Program serve.” 
    - Irene Fox, Associate Director, Office of Marketing and Communication, IU School of Continuing Studies

“I really enjoyed being a part of the event and getting to meet a lot of quality students. I think that your organization is a great one, and on the right track to help students. I know that we here at Franklin would be glad to support you however we could. Feel free to let me know if you need speakers, presentations, or anything of that sort in the future.” 
    - Ryan Withem, Admissions Counselor, Franklin College
"We appreciate the support of the IFHS in encouraging home schooling with excellence.  As you know, you feel an incredible amount of responsibility through high school.  How wonderful it is to have an organization promoting home schooling and helping parents conquor all the travails of applying to college and applying for scholarships.  It can be a hard road without a guidance counselor.  Thank you for stepping into that role for us." 
    - Valorie, a parent from Indianapolis  


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