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The IFHS is a volunteer-run organization.  Because of this, when you call our phone number it goes straight to an online voicemail receiver - no one directly answers the calls.  A volunteer regularly checks these voicemail messages and gives them to the most appropriate person in the organization to best answer the questions asked.  We want to be clear on how our calls are handled to avoid any possible frustration on your part.  So, instead of calling back another time, hoping someone will answer, just leave as detailed a message as possible, and we will call you back!  
You can call us at (317) 308-6411, or (800) 465-2505. 
Our email works the same way.  A volunteer checks all emails that come in, and then forwards them to the person best suited to answer.  
Email us with any questions at
Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 17385, Indianapolis, IN 46217. 
We look forward to assisting you in any way we can, and we appreciate your understanding that it may take a little longer to get a response with a volunteer organization than what many of us are used to in the professional world.

If you would like to be added to our Email Update list, please send us an email.  Don't worry - we won't overload you with junk mail!  We only send a small number of updates throughout the year.

 Indiana Foundation for Home Schooling 
P.O. Box 17385, Indianapolis, IN  46217 
(317) 308-6411 •  (800) 465-2505