Indiana Foundation For Home Schooling (IFHS)


MAP Your Future  ---   October 6th, 2017
Chapel Rock Christian Church
2020 N Girls School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46214


The annual IFHS MAP Your Future event is scheduled for October 6, 2017 and we hope you will be attending.   We are very excited about some new offerings at 2017 MAP for both parents and students……. 

 This year MAP will offer Career Evaluations Testing for all 10th-11th-12th grade home schoolers attending MAP.  This onsite testing with same day results and career exploration is offered free of charge to the student/students of any MAP/Advanced Registered family.  Registration for this free testing is not available at the door so remember to register in advance.  Please click “here” to read a summary about the Career Exploration Program that is uniquely designed for high school students.  This is a great opportunity for your high school students to gain some insight into the career choices that lay ahead and how they align with their unique interests.  Please read the ASVAB Career Exploration Program Summary in its entirety to fully understand this wonderful opportunity. The ASVAB is the most widely used multiple-aptitude testing in the world!

 IFHS will also be kicking off a new IFHS Fieldtrip Program to facilitate the organization of fieldtrips relevant for home school families at various locations around the state.  We have had an increasing number of inquiries about fieldtrips so we are going to see where this goes.  Please visit the IFHS Fieldtrip Program booth in the exhibitor hall for sign up and details on our first fieldtrip event coming in late October.

Along with the new, IFHS will continue with our tradition of having many of the same wonderful presenters that so many of our Indiana home schoolers depend on year after year! For one, HSLDA, will be back with all the latest information you need for home schooling for high school! More updates on event sessions and exhibitors forthcoming. 

We hope to see you there! Please register now, but remember you are still welcome on October 6th as a walk-in registration!