7:30am - 8:45am             Family Registration                                                                Lobby

8:00am- 11am                  ASVAB-CEP Testing                                                               Parlor

                                            Nathaniel Grandberry/IFHS Vice President

8:45am-9:00am              Welcome: MAP Your Future                                                 Worship Center

                                            Marilyn Rowlett/IFHS President

9:00am-10:00am            The Ever Changing State of Education                               Worship Center

                                             Dr. J. R. Russell, PhD  --  IUPUI Span Division 

                                             Director, â€‹Special Programs for Academic Nurturing 

     Break- 15 minutes        Note: Student Pictures Begin with Wilson Cabral         Chapel   

10:15am-11:30am             Discussion Panel: Finding Home School Resources      Worship Center

11:30am-12:30pm             Lunch- Chick-Fil-A                                                               Fellowship Hall 

                                              Student Pictures with Wilson Cabral                                Chapel 

12:30pm-1:30pm              Financial Aid                                                                          Worship Center

     Break- 15 minutes


1:45pm-2:45pm                SAT/ACT Preparation                                                          Worship Center

                                             ASVAB/Interpretation of Student's Results                     Parlor

3:00pm                               Map Your Future Ends

The IFHS thanks you and your students for participating in 2018 Map Your Future

Indiana Foundation For Home Schooling (IFHS)
MAP Your Future - 2018 Schedule

October 4th, 2019
Chapel Rock Christian Church
2020 N Girls School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46214