Graduation Ceremony Feature
The IFHS takes pride in presenting its annual statewide graduation ceremony for home school students in Indiana.
Here is an overview of what's included when you register for graduation:
Professional, well-planned ceremony
    Large, attractive facility with plenty of seating for as many guests as you wish to invite
    Free parking
    Formal ceremony, including graduates attired in caps and gowns,
"Pomp and Circumstance," and diplomas presented individually to graduates
    Professional music and sound production
    Professionally printed programs
    Personalized PowerPoint slides for each graduate projected during the ceremony

Opportunities for graduates
     Speech contest (if registration paid by March 1)
    Music (if registration paid by April 1)
    Color Guard

    Professionally printed
    High-quality cover

   Downloadable, professionally taken image of graduate with diploma
   Collage of all graduates
   Professional video of the entire ceremony

  On-site, decorated, comfortable dining area
  Chick-fil-A lunch with cake for dessert (included in cost of graduation for each graduate)
  Additional lunches available at reasonable cost

Costs and Payments
Cost for participation:

Early Bird Registration: $175 per graduate (Ends mid-night of March 13, 2021)

$185 per graduate after mid-night March 13, 2021
Deadline for all registrations and payments is May 1, 2021.
No registrations or payments will be accepted after this date.
Two ways to pay: 
 Online payment by PayPal -
Graduation Registration and Payments
Click the Pay by PayPal button and follow instructions there.
   Mailed payments- Mail checks made out to IFHS to:
    PO Box 17385
    Indianapolis, IN 46217
Note: Participation is limited to the first 80 graduates who have registered and paid.

Tentative Graduation Schedule
All times are Eastern Standard Times

Graduate Check-in Time: 8:00-8:45am
Individual pictures: 9:30-10:45am
Assembly in sanctuary: 10:45am
Rehearsal: 11am-Noon
Lunch served: Noon
Sound checks for speakers and musicians: Noon
Photography continues: Noon
Graduates line up for Processional: 1:30pm
Ceremony begins: 2pm

Ceremony concludes: 4pm (Church closes:4:30pm)

Music for Ceremony
There are opportunities for graduates who have musical talents to participate in the ceremony. Participation may be vocal or instrumental. Graduates who participate musically in the ceremony must audition in one of two ways:
    Email a link to a YouTube video (or otherwise internet-available video) of the graduate performing the number that he or she wants to perform during the ceremony. Email the video link to
    Mail an audition DVD of the graduate performing the number that he or she wants to perform during the ceremony. (If you would like to mail a DVD, please email us at for the mailing address.)
IMPORTANT: You must have submitted a paid registration on or before April 1 to be considered.
All audition videos must arrive no later than April 9, 2021.

PowerPoint Slide Information
Each graduate will be allowed to submit brief information about their future plans, achievements, etc. for the PowerPoint slide, which is shown as they receive their diploma. Please refer to the following slide guidelines:
    There is a maximum of 20 words on a graduate’s slide, so please be brief. The 20 words includes the graduate’s name and the topic headers. Keep in mind these slides are viewed from a great distance and are shown only briefly;
that is why being concise is important. If you submit more than 20 words, we reserve the right to condense.
    No pictures may be included on the slides.
    You may include any of the following topics within the 20-word limit.
Choose which topics are most important to you:
       Career Goal College or School
 Major Field of Study
Here are a few examples of slide content:

Christopher James Smith
Career Goal:  Robot Technician
College:  Union Bible College
Award: Presidential Scholarship
Hobbies:  Reading, hunting

Patricia Jones
College:  Marian University
Major Field of Study:  English/Communication
Interests:  Youth group, drama

Kimberly A. Brown
Career Goal:  Piano teacher
Achievements:  10-Year 4-H Member
Hobbies:  Working with children, riding horses

Please send an email with this information on or before May 1 to  Please include "PowerPoint Copy" in the subject line of your email. We will email you a reminder, but please respond in a timely manner.
Note:  If you fail to submit PowerPoint information on or before May 1, only the graduate’s name will appear on the slide. There will be no opportunity to place additional information on the slide

and absolutely no changes will be made the day of graduation.

Caps and Gowns
All registered graduates are to wear graduation regalia, including a cap, gown, and tassel.

Regalia items are not included in the graduation fee.
Some families purchase new regalia for each graduate, while others choose to borrow or reuse caps and gowns.

Graduates are welcome to personalize their gowns with stoles or cords, and graduates may wear any color they wish.

There are numerous places to purchase quality caps and gowns. Some frequently used regalia vendors are listed below.

Make sure to place orders for caps and gowns as early as possible. The closer it gets to May, the longer the shipping time.

Recommended Vendors for Caps and Gowns:
HSLDA- A discount is available for HSLDA members.
 Academic Regalia Depot
    Wells Unlimited Robe Service
    5702 East 40th St., Indianapolis, IN 46226
    Contact Person: Salathiel Wells (Phone: 317-542-9062)

Graduates are welcome to personalize their gowns with stoles or cords, and graduates may wear any color they wish.  Personalization’s that are tactfully aimed at academic or Christian themes are acceptable, but may not include vulgar images or gratuitous language both to be determined at the sole discretion of IFHS staff. 
Please be aware our event is nonpartisan and that all participants (graduates, parents, volunteers and attendees) are expected to respect this policy by recognizing this is neither the time nor the place to display any form of political messages, emblems or physical posturing.  Any violations of this policy will result in the immediate removal of individuals from the ceremony to be determined at the sole discretion of IFHS staff.   

 Remember that professionally-made diplomas and covers are already included with your registration;

you need not purchase diplomas.

Changes and Questions

You can make changes to your registration until May 1 when the registration process closes. If you need to change any information on your registration, do not submit a new registration. Instead, please email

Direct any questions to Mary Grandberry at

Lunch Information
A lunch will be available on-site on the day of graduation.
Lunch will consist of:
Chick-fil-A sandwich
Fruit cup
 Water bottle
A vegetarian or gluten-free option will be a substitution of a side salad for the sandwich.
Please specify if you want either of these options.
The graduate's lunch is included in the cost of graduation.
Additional lunches for parents or other friends or family are available for $8.50 each.
All additional lunches must be pre-purchased on or before April 30 if paid by mail or on or before May 1 if paid online.

Lunches will not be sold on graduation day.

Two ways to pay:
     Online payment by PayPal -
Click Graduation Registration and Payments.
Click the Pay by PayPal button and follow instructions there.
   Mailed payments - Mail checks made out to IFHS to:
    PO Box 17385
    Indianapolis, IN 46217

All mailed payments must be postmarked on or before April 22
All online payments must be made on or before May 1
If you would like to bring your own lunch, you may eat it in our dining room.

Lunch Reservation Form
To download and print the Lunch Reservation Form, click
here. This is  not required if  you are paying online.

Graduation Speech Contest
The commencement includes two speeches from graduates. These graduate speeches are selected from the annual speech contest. For more information on how to enter the speech contest, go to the Speech Contest page-
click here.

We are privileged to have ProPhotoSolution as our graduation photographer.

The owner and photographer, Wilson Cabral, works hard to offer high quality photos to celebrate this special time.
To see samples of his senior pictures, please check out his website at
This year’s graduation photography experience is designed to make the process simple and easy.
Pictures are taken the day of graduation before the ceremony.
Professional digital images are created of each graduate from that photography session.
This is similar to the way that wedding photographs are provided now.
The Graduation Photo Gallery opens on June 11, 2021. Graduates visit the graduation gallery on the ProPhotoSolution website to download their digital images.

NOTE: The exact URL and password for the gallery will be provided at a later date.
The gallery closes on July 30, 2021. If you need to access your photos after this date, there will be a $20 reactivation fee.
After downloading the digital images, families are then free to make as many copies as they wish, in whatever manner they wish (making prints, emailing to family/friends, etc.).
Each graduate receives the following two professional digital images:
           One image of the graduate with a diploma cover
        One class composite
    The above images are included in the cost of graduation.
One additional pose with parents, a special teacher, or a small family group can be purchased for $10.
Those purchasing the extra pose will be assigned a time slot after rehearsal and before the ceremony.

Two ways to pay:   
    Online payment by PayPal-
Click Graduation Registration and Payments.
Click the Pay by PayPal button and follow instructions there.
        Mailed payments - Mail checks made out to IFHS to:
PO Box 17385
Indianapolis, IN 46217
All payments must be received on or before May 1.

The photographer may make some enhanced images, for example a different background from the original. These images will be available for purchase as photographs from the photographer’s website
If you have questions, please contact the Registration Chair, Mary Grandberry, at