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prepping for highschool

Prepping for Highschool

Prepping for high school can be daunting and complicated. As your student transitions into high school, they explore more career options, hobbies, and interests that will lay a foundation for their future. Creating a curriculum that preps them for college admissions (if they choose to go to college), while also giving time for your student to explore career interests and hobbies can be challenging. Every student is different and there is no one curriculum. Some parents opt for standard homeschool courses in high school, while others will create a hybrid for their students consisting of community college classes (for harder subjects), and their normal homeschool curriculum.

Below are a few resources to help you jumpstart this process and plan for your student's high school years.

Prepping for Highschool

  • Create a four-year high school plan

  • Keep good high school records

  • Explore apprenticeship and internship opportunities

  • Discover if dual-enrollment is right for your teen

  • Prepare a well-rounded high school homeschool transcript

  • Use a high school diploma template

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