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The IFHS Statement of Identity:

The Indiana Foundation for Home Schooling is governed by a Board of Directors composed of home educators with more than seventy years of practical experience home schooling and community leaders with a passion for equipping and assisting in providing educational opportunities for all home schooled students, including challenged learners.

IFHS is a Christian faith-based organization, but its services and resources are offered without regard to anyone's religious affiliation or belief to encourage any homeschooling family.

The IFHS Mission: 

"To advocate for the homeschooling community, to support & educate families by connecting them to resources & to inspire students to achieve their potential by providing recognition & opportunities, especially in the areas of high school, college, careers & life goals."

What We Do:

The IFHS has been proud to serve the Indiana Home Schooling community for nearly 30 years. Our Annual Indiana Statewide Home School Graduation, now in its 28th  year, has been a cornerstone for many families as they celebrate the achievements of their students. In addition, we created the "Map Your Future" event to assist families in homeschooling their young adult children through high school. This event provides training sessions on just about anything homeschooling.

Our Board Members:

Marylin Rowlett, President

Leonora , Treasurer

Nathan Grandberry

Mary Grandberry

Reagan Spangle

Christopher Spangle

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